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Some had unhappy childhoods - Stalin, Hitler and Saddam Hussein had drunken, violent fathers and strong mothers - but others, such as Lenin and Mao, had happy upbringings.

All were avid self-dramatists, believing themselves to be the chief actors in a holy theatre of history.

It is easy to dismiss the world's monsters as insane, but this simply excuses them of their depravity.

Technology enabled Soviet dictators Lenin and Stalin to carry out more than 20 million killings; the Chinese Chairman, Mao Zedong, managed 70 million.The Nazi slaughter of six million Jews remains the most wicked act of human history because of its rational execution, its cold-heartedness and its aim to destroy an entire race.But Hitler also qualifies because he started the most brutal war in history: 27 million Russians perished on the Eastern Front alone, and 70 million died during World War II.People such as the vile Ante Pavelic of Croatia, who killed 600,000 innocent Jews and Serbs in a frenzy of slaughter.Or Marshal Antonescu of Romania, who murdered 380,000 Jews in Odessa.

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But by the 20th century, human rights were the moral foundations of civilised nations.

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